5 Best Cactus Fertilizers - expert advice

Fertilizer for cactus and succulents is essential to make them healthy and successful. With the best fertilizer you can produce better blooms, more abundant growth, or even prevent any problems that certain types of plants might have. Here is a list of cactus and succulents fertilizers recommended by our experts



Feed your plants with Schultz Cactus Plus! This fertilizer promotes the growth of new leaves and of the plant itself. In addition to fertilizing, it acts as a root stimulator, aiding in root growth and helping heal root rot. Using this fertilizer in combination with light and water will help your plants grow quickly and healthy. The blend of nutrients is carefully selected to promote root growth and encourage blooming and flowering. 



Earthworm Technologies

EarthPods proprietary formula improves the strength, robustness, and color vibrancy of Cacti and Succulents. It stimulates fast and easy root growth, stem development, and color vibrancy. It’s one of the best better organic fertilizers, good for all types of Cacti and Succulent plants.



Aquatic Arts

Whether you have a thriving succulent planter, or a small cutting that needs to be nurtured and turned into an impressive houseplant, the Succulent Fertilizer is your answer! This plant food encourages your plant to grow, without the algae blooms commonly caused by over-feeding. It also works to heal burned or damaged leaves on your plants. Succulent fertilizer promotes the growth of new leaves so that your succulents will grow healthy and strong. Good for cacti too!



Grow More

Cacti and succulent lovers rely on their soil to be fertilized. Add this blend to your cacti and succulent planting soil to promote optimal growth. This high-quality cactus fertilizer will also encourage your plant to bloom with beautiful flowers or fruit! A unique blend of natural ingredients promotes healthy plant growth, enhances color penetration, and helps stimulate flower or fruit production for optimum plant health.



Perfect Plants

Succulent plants crave three things: sunlight, water, and fertilizer. The product’s specially formulated fertilizer is a powdered root stimulator, aiding in root growth and helping heal root rot. It’s available in a convenient tablet that easily dissolves in the water you normally use for watering. It promotes the growth of new leaves that will appear healthier than ever. 


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