Succulent and Cacti Box- Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Whether you’re a cactus-lover or just starting off with your first succulents, keep your home or office fresh with a new variety of succulents and cacti delivered to you each week or month. Each box will be unique, featuring different plants, succulents, and cacti every time. Boxes range in size from small to large depending on the number of plants included. Here are some brands we LOVE

If you love plants, whether in your home or out in nature, there’s no better gift than to get cacti and succulents subscription boxes from Succulents Box. You can get them for yourself or gift them to a family member or friend with green hands. 

From $20

Lulas Garden

It’s a very special occasion indeed when you are asked to bring the gift of a plant. Lula’s Garden boxes come in different sizes so that whether you are looking for a tiny succulent to place on someone’s desk, or a large succulent to place somewhere in their home, they have the perfect box. Each Lula’s Garden box is planted with succulents that complement each other beautifully, along with some little extra touches to make your gift feel even more special.


This plant box is everything you need. The plants receive the highest level of care to ensure that when they arrive, they are in perfect condition. The subscription box is a simple way to decorate your desk or as a gift. Each month, you will receive a new curated collection of cacti or succulents. Enjoy a different plan each month with endless possibilities. Use this promo code to get 10% off: PB10


Leaf & Clay offers a fantastic selection of cacti and succulent varieties, pots, accessories, apparel, gift cards, and more!! Their goal is to provide the best quality at an affordable price, and they achieve that quite well. It’s no wonder they’re the fastest-growing online succulent store. Read here the full review.

From $20

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