Will succulents grow in tropical climates? Yes! As a tropical plant, succulents can grow well in the sun and under normal light conditions. However, they do need to be watered frequently to avoid drying out. Succulents thrive in humidity environments which makes them perfect for gardens and terrariums where there is moisture from the misting.
If you’re an avid gardener, there’s nothing worse than coming home to find your succulents have been munched on by pesky birds. Luckily, there are several ways to prevent this from happening.
Perfect for various indoor and outdoor settings, these succulents have trailing stems that add a splash of color and texture to your container gardens. Learn about the 7 types of trailing succulent plants featured in this list.
Cacti prefer to be repotted in the spring, when they are active. Select a pot that will hold the roots comfortably and leave a small space at the top of your new pot for drainage. The cactus itself should be placed holeside down, so that its base is firmly anchored in the soil and its crown is exposed to light.
Buddha’s temple is a small succulent plant that looks similar to a bonsai plant and can be kept in small containers. The plant does not need direct sunlight, so it is easy to take care of it in most parts of the world.

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